lioness tale

The Lioness Tale

By Diane Pendola

"The Lioness Tale, inspired by ancient storytelling traditions, addresses the problems of living under conditions that are hostile or indifferent to the inner life. How easy it is to identify with the Lioness of this tale! We know what it is to long for the intimacy of a caring voice, to be embraced by someone who believes that our happiness and our humanness are important.

In this work of visionary fiction, there are lessons that will change your life. Just as the author has dared much in the telling, you must dare much in the reading. You'll share the grief of the Lioness' loss both of love and her own freedom. But the reward you'll share is renewed inner strength and a sense of vulnerability by which you will get back your own life and celebrate it."

-Hal Zina Bennett, Ph.D, lecturer, consultant and author


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The Lioness Tale is the foundation of a transformational program called The Lioness Tale Prison Project, or LiT-uPP for short.
LiT-uPP is currently being implemented, with life-changing results, at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla, California.


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I am inspired to be part of a grass roots movement bringing the LiT-uPP
program of hope, light and transformation to women in prison.
Through the power of "one-giving-to one" I see "The Lioness Tale"
selling millions of copies worldwide.
It is generating all the financial resources necessary to fund LiT-uPP
as it radiates from the hearts of individuals to entire correctional facilities
across the United States.
The book is in the hands of prisoners throughout the world, liberating
their spirits and healing the lives of their children and families.
My own life has lit up, opening my heart and making the world I live in
a kinder, more compassionate and light-filled place.

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