The Lioness Tale Prison Project


Bringing the light of awareness to the darkness within.
Radiating the light of awareness to the darkness without.


LiT-uPP is about moving toward the deepest truth at the center of our beings
and discovering our unique voice. It is about letting our voices blossom into
full, meaningful and profound lives, no matter our external circumstances.
The women of LiT-uPP at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla
are serving long term to life prison sentences, some without the possibility of parole.
They are lighting up the prison in which they live from the inside out.
The poet Kukai reflects their transformation so beautifully:

A hand moves
and the fire's swirling takes different shapes:
all things change when we do.

The first word, "Ah," blossoms into all others.
Each of them true.

This is the journey of Lioness.
She lost her voice through tragedy, grief and misperception.
Through her willingness to embark on what is truly
a heroic journey towards the depths of her self,
she rediscovers her voice and along with it a power and confidence
that only comes from taking the journey. She recovers her true word,
the first word of her essential being: "Ah"...
...her authentic, and free life.

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These women's courage
and willingness to change and to heal reverberates
out to heal the world-and the prisons of the world.
Whether we are inside prison walls or outside them,
the core teaching of The Lioness Tale
is about freeing ourselves from the inner entanglements that imprison us.
As we experience our own personal and essential freedom we do
change the world. The women participating in this program are reaching
far beyond their enclosed world to touch people not only at CCWF
but in prisons throughout the country and even across the globe.


Our vision is to engage love, dialogue and reconciliation as our path to personal peace, social healing and planetary transformation.

Skyline Harvest is a California Non-profit Corporation